Monday, November 28, 2005

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This topic follows me around for quite some time now and recently I got involved in a discussion about the discrepancies of European and American policies and why apparently a large group of people on both sides of the "big pond" lost faith in each others actions and drift apart.

Sometimes I just wonder how many "friends" (a.k.a. allies) the USA still have left, who they actually are, what their influence may be.

Do we still need NATO??? Or should we just leave it all up to the American forces, because their European allies' military are weak and not capable of doing anything influential anyway? Especially participating in a pre-emptive war based on flawed intelligence? Why are most European soldiers in Afghanistan and not in Iraq, I wonder?

Friendship, by my definition, doesn't require constant agreement and certainly not blind following. Friendship is ill-advised if one partner constantly brings up the partner's old misdeeds before they developed a relationship.
Friends can be eternally grateful without saying it every day. Friendship feeds of mutual respect and occasional disagreements about certain topics. It feeds off dialogue, give-and-take, and Some friends aren't able to give as much as their counterpart, because of various reasons. Friends do have different priorities about certain subjects at times.
And let's not forget, we are mostly talking about politics here, we are talking about the friendship of peoples. If G.W. Bush and T. Blair like each other, that doesn't mean that all Americans and Britons like each other. If Bush and Schroeder or Chirac don't get along very well, that doesn't mean that all Germans or French are Anti-American, no matter what the media thinks. Governments change all the time, the people usually don't.
Just because my friend decides to go "bar-hopping" from country to country (I apologize in advance for lack of words...... I know there are millions of lost lives involved here.. I just hope you get the picture), doesn't mean I have to follow him, especially after suffering from a big, 90-year old hangover. more thought that goes through my mind...

sometimes people forget that there are Germans (...or Europeans in general) out there who were born after 1945. I am one of them.
I grew up being taught that the Americans relieved us from the greatest evil ever exposed to mankind, and that guy was a German. I believe, we were educated to never forget our history and to make sure it will never happen again. I sure hope so.
We Germans know everything about the atrocities inflicted to the Jews and everyone else who suffered, including the German population. We were shown "R"-rated videos about the war at the age of 10. And every German knows about the "Rosinenbombers", the DC-3 candybombers, which kept Berlin alive during the blockade in 1948-49.
We know about our history and we are ashamed of it.
I never went to an American school, so I cannot comment on what and how kids are being taught about their own history. Human kind in general, wherever they may life, have blood on their hands, historically speaking.


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