Thursday, December 29, 2005

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Big Fish
I just came back from Vivanda, a local grocery store chain, and I feel GREAT! Gigantic, actually.
While I was walking down the middle of Avenida Pardo... the median is a park-like walkway for pedestrians, with flower beds, leafy trees, benches and dog poop... I was once again amazed that I am almost a head taller than everyone else here. Wherever I lived before, Frankfurt, Chicago or Seattle, 5"11 (or 180 cm) seemed to be rather mediocre. But here, women can barely reach my nipples.

Unlike Gulliver, I have no intention to leave this contrasting country anytime soon, not even for Blefuscu. Peru offers this blond, German giant a new perspective on humanity as he befriends these interesting, 'semi-secco' drinking, ceviche eating, Salsa dancing, people.

For information purposes, the average human height in Peru is 5"6 (or 167 cm) and the overwhelming part of the population is either of Indian descent (45-47 %) or Mestizos (32-37%). The rest is divided in Europeans, Africans, Mulattos and Asians.


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