Saturday, December 31, 2005

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someone inspired me to do a little Q&A...... so here it goes:

Four jobs you’ve had in your life:

  1. construction worker - needed extra cash during high school, so my dad negotiated a summer holiday job with his company. Helped building a small section of Germany's Autobahn
  2. wholesale merchant for agricultural products - like animal feed, grain, seeds, fertilizer, pesticides, house & garden equipment etc.
  3. DJ - made a few extra Deutsch-Marks on weekends during military compulsory service
  4. software engineer - that's what I ended up with
Four movies you could watch over and over:
  1. The Big Lebowski (a.k.a. The "Dude")
  2. The Cider House Rules (Michael Caine rocks!)
  3. Dances With Wolves (wolf = lobo, what else can I say. It's in my name)
  4. Secondhand Lions (see No.2, plus Robert Duvall (who also rocks!) and Haley Joel. GREAT storytelling which I adore)
Four places you’ve lived:
  1. born and raised in a farm village called Feldatal, 80km north of Frankfurt
  2. Chicago (downtown, 50th floor apartment in a building called "River Plaza", located between the 'Sun Times' and Wrigley Building)
  3. Seattle (Elliott Bay Plaza, Newmark Tower, The Concord, all located in downtown and Belltown)
  4. Lima, Peru - (not Ohio :-), actually its a district called Miraflores)
Four TV shows you love to watch:

shows? what is the exact definition? I watch a German Bundesliga (real football!) game every Saturday morning and I love baseball. I watch a lot of movies, documentaries on the Hitler Channel...ahem, History Channel. Hardly any series or sitcoms but I believe that is what I am asked here, so I'd say....
  1. Band Of Brothers
  2. From The Earth To The Moon
  3. Friends
  4. Cheers
Four places you’ve been on vacation:
  1. Canary Islands (Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura)
  2. Senegal (including a 2-day safari)
  3. Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata, during hurricane Hugo who we barely escaped)
  4. Hawaii (Maui, Kauai)
Four websites you visit daily:
  1. (for my daily German news update)
  2. (the best sports forum there is (Seattle Mariners)
  3. (Mariners blog, a web site I designed)
  4. (online Spanish lessons and dictionary, the German way)
Four of your favorite foods:

well, like I mentioned I grew up on a farm, so I was fed all kinds of pork dishes (Rippchen..hhmmmm!), beef and sometimes venison (yummy!). After moving away from home, I became a fish lover. And one of my favorite hobbies is to cook, but if I have to choose 4, I'd say:
  1. Rinder-Rouladen (German filled beef rolls)
  2. Pizza (Quattro Stagnioni-type, with Salami, Canadian ham, mushrooms, red pepper)
  3. Shrimps in garlic sauce
  4. Lenguado (Sole) & Tilapia filets in lemon/white wine sauce I am hungry!


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