Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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Update: Feb.1, 2006:
So I checked into CNN last night to listen what he had to say. Well, in my humble opinion: nothing, at least nothing new. Kinda flat, the whole speech.
So the former Texan oil magnat says that Americans are addicted to oil and the only way to break this addiction is through technology. Well, hello??? Now there's a revelation. America is still spending money on research and development for alternative energry sources that other countries have already installed! Drive through Europe today and check the houses' roofs for solar panels and the thousands of windmills on hill tops, softly turning their wings, just to name a couple. The increases he proposed in clean-energy research, better batteries for hybrid cars and new ways of making ethanol, largely piggyback on programs already under way at General Motors and Ford, Toyota and Honda, rather than charting a new course.
"And we are on the threshold of incredible advances", W. says. Good for you, it's about time.

Let's see, what else? Mmmh, nothing really, besides the annoying shoulder padding, clapping and Pilates exercises. Stand up for the champions, for the champions, stand up (can't wait for the FIFA World Cup to start, only 128 days left!).

And the opposition? The Democrats? One fellow blogger described it this way:
"Bush made a reference to his Social Security initiatives he put before Congress last year. He talked about how the Congress failed to act on it, and in response, the Democratic half of the aisle stood up and smiled, clapping and cheering like a bunch of toddlers standing over a toilet bowl, watching their first turd circle in the spinning water. There was one particularly nauseating shot of Hillary Clinton with a retarded grin on her face during this outburst.

And that, my Democratic friends, is what your party has become. It embodies everything that is wrong and disgusting and corrupt in politics these days. The vast majority of your representation in Washington stood up in celebration of doing NOTHING. They disagreed with the President’s approach to fixing social security, so what did they do? Offer an alternative plan? No. Ask him to come to the table and hear their ideas? No. Forge ANY original ideas of their own whatsoever? No. Instead, they spewed a bunch of rhetoric to make them look good to their constituents, called the President some names, further drove a wedge between the parties and blocked the proposal."

I agree. That's the dilemma we're in, in today's political world: weak leaders are opposed by an even weaker opposition! Where have all the great statesmen gone.....


George W. Bush will give his "State Of The Union" speech at 9 PM (EST & Lima time) tonight. Watch it on CNN if you can. Here's a little excerpt on what he will say about the Global Warming issue:

(photo provided by templar_1314 on flickr.com)

well, the people of Peru and South America in general shouldn't complain too much, since they are contributing a great deal to the world's air pollution. Sometimes the smog in Lima, caused in part by 20-30 year old cars with broken mufflers, is unbearable. But what can you do, these cars is all they can afford.

- sigh -


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