Monday, January 16, 2006

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How can one not know the name of an 18-Million-metropolis which is supposedly the fastest growing city in the world? Pardon my ignorance but I for one didn't. We are talking about the city formerly known by me, and in general, as Bombay. Since 1996, the city calls itself Mumbai.

The Gateway Of IndiaThe capital of Maharashtra lies on the west coast of India. The city was named after Mumba Devi, the patron goddess of the Koli fisher folk, the oldest inhabitants of Bombay. The temple dedicated to the goddess still exists.
The name Bombay, in its final form, dates back to the 18th century. Bombay was a cluster of seven islands called Heptanes by Ptolemy in 150 A.D., the Portuguese rulers named the city "Bom Bahia" or the Good Bay and the British made it Bombay. For the Hindus however it was Mambei, Mambe, Bambai, and most importantly Sonapur, the "city of gold". Geologically, Mumbai forms a part of peninsular India, which is considered to be the oldest part of the country. It is a melting pot of various ethnicities, religions and cultures.
The city is booming! More millionaires are living in Bombay than in Germany. Office leasing rates are compared to some of the highest in the world. The city generates 40 % of India's income tax and Film City, the home of "Bollywood", is producing more movies than its famous counterpart in "tinseltown".


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