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Humala officially charged

(Feb. 17, 2006, link in title)

According to the Associated Press, Ollanta Humala has been officialy accused of atrocities during his 1992 command of a jungle counterinsurgency base.
Three criminal complaints accusing retired Lt. Col. Ollanta Humala of forced disappearance, torture and attempted murder were filed Tuesday with a prosecutor in the northern jungle town of Tocache, Alejandro Silva, of the National Coordinator for Human Rights in Peru, told reporters.
A secretary for Tocache prosecutor Arturo Artemio Campos confirmed Thursday that the complaints had been received from the group, which represents 63 human rights organizations, but refused to elaborate.
In recent weeks local media have aired testimonies from jungle residents accusing him of overseeing systematic abuses in the zone, a former hotspot of drug trafficking and guerrilla activity.
Humala has acknowledged commanding the base under the nom de guerre of "Captain Carlos" but denies any wrongdoing.

In a report in today's La Republica, one of the three accusers, Teresa Ávila Creek, blames Ollanta Humala for the disappearance of her sister and brother-in-law.
The couple was kidnapped by a military group on June 17, 1992, in the presence of their four children.
Teresa Ávila did not have any doubts in identifying Ollanta Humala as 'Captain Carlos', the person in charge of the obduction of her relatives because on the following day she spoke with him at the Madre Mía military base.

"I offered myself to 3 months of free labor for the base in exchange for their liberation but 'Captain Carlos' denied. Back then he was thinner and younger, but he is the same one, he is now the presidential candidate ".

Humala: They want to destroy my candidacy

(Jan. 29, 2006 - freely translated from 'La Republica', link here)

Ollanta Humala spoke in front of supporters in Puno yesterday. Puno is located in one of the largest coca plant growing areas in Peru. Before thousands of followers and nationalist party members he again expressed his commitment to support those dedicated to the cultivation of coca and proposed its industrialization. He believes the current government plans the eradication of the coca cultivation, which he described as "unjust".
"What we will do with the production of coca leafs is to industrialize it. Coca leafs is one thing, cocaine is another. We are against this antisocial treatment and if I should become president we will fight this plague (he actually used the word 'flagellate'). In order to prevent the coca leafs going into drug-trafficking, we are going to process it here, which will also create more sources of work and greater income for our farmers", Humala said, although he did not explain what markets would buy the coca grower's production.
Humala took the opportunity to address several other subjects in his speech. He said that 'they' want to destroy his candidacy and this attempt has united some 'powerful groups'.
He also reacted to an earlier denunciation by Gustavo Pacheco, congressman of Puno, that he had violated human rights while he was in charge of a military base in Huallaga. Humala responded by calling Pacheco a liar and that he is only trying to prevent his presidency of the Republic. His reference to Pacheco was well received by the crowd. Shouts of 'treasonous and corrupt' were thrown at the congressman.

In regard to the serious denunciations against the congressional candidates of his party, Ollanta said that the "people have nothing to worry about, since they are only preliminary candidates and in the case that the accusations proof to be correct, they will be removed from the list of candidates."

He congratulated his opponent, Lourdes Flores, for currently being ahead in the race for president of the Republic, according to recent surveys and asked current president Alejandro Toledo and his members of congress not to leave the country until after the elections in order to investigate charges of corruption during his tenure.

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At 1/30/2006 06:57:00 PM, Blogger troutsky wrote...

I am doing research on democratic elections and political movements in Latin America.Can you recommend sites or sources about the candidates in Peru? (other than the ubc site)You are not a supporter of Humala,I take it.Can you compare the platforms of the three main candidates?

At 1/30/2006 08:22:00 PM, Blogger Inka-Wolfy wrote...

before I recommend any sites, let me ask you first if you can read spanish web sites?

At 2/19/2006 11:08:00 AM, Blogger Cyberamiga wrote...

Torture? Attempted murder? Sounds like an ideal candidate for president of a modern democracy. One question though, is he at least a decent shot? Quayle sind ueberall! With headless chicken syndrome spreading we can only have political leaders who can hit a lawyer at two paces.


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