Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wanted! Peru's "First Family" permanent link   0 comments
Feb.22, 2006 - Update:
a little initiative works wonders sometimes. Miguel Toledo was captured by the police yesterday evening in central Lima. And it took the judge just a couple of hours to sentence him to 4-years conditional probation (prisión no efectiva) and a $2,500 fine. Surprisingly, the prosecution didn't even appeal the verdict right away, they are just thinking about it.
The Peruvian justice system can be really strange, its decisions are truly hard to understand at times.

Makes you go... "huh???" Very Confused

on my way to a bookstore yesterday I noticed a poster glued to a lamp post: "Se busca! Acusado por violación" which translates to "Wanted! Accused of rape". The picture underneath shows Miguel Toledo, nephew of the President of Peru, Alejandro Toledo.
Miguel Toledo (36) is on the run for 4 months now since he fled his rape trial in November, but the upcoming presidential elections have put this issue, like all other news, on the backburner.
Now an initiative of the Woman's Rights group 'Manuela Ramos' calls for the attention and support of the public to find him.
"The police is not in a condition to handle this matter, for different reasons", Gina Yáñez, president of 'Manuela Ramos', said. "Perhaps this case is going to help so that other rape cases can be solved, according to the law", she explained the decision of launching the campaign against Miguel Toledo. There are thousands of unsolved sexual violation cases in Peru.
No monetary reward is offered, the group only appeals the people's solidarity and sensitivity and to give information of the President's nephew's whereabouts.

A judge issued an arrest order for Miguel Toledo in November after rejecting a defense attorney's argument that the defendant was unable to attend court because of an ear infection. Prosecutors are seeking a six-year prison sentence.
Miguel Toledo and three other men are accused of luring a 22-year-old woman to a restaurant in March 2004 to discuss a job offer. Instead, they allegedly drugged her and took her to a hotel where she was raped.
Before disappearing, Miguel Toledo denied drugging the woman and said that a sexual encounter did occur, but that it was consensual.

Miguel is not the only 'First-Family' member in trouble with the law. Margarita, the president's sister, has been under house arrest since January 2005 on charges that she oversaw a scheme to forge petition signatures to get the president's political party on the ballot in 2000.
Last month, another of President Toledo's nephews, Williams Toledo, 23, was sentenced to 16 months probation for his part in a brawl with two security guards outside a Lima night club that reportedly broke out over an argument about paying for parking.
Other relatives of Toledo, including his wife Eliane Karp, have been accused of crimes as well, mostly corruption charges. The scandals the relatives of the president were surrounded are one of the most negative aspects of his 5-year tenure, expressed by Peruvians in various surveys.
Toledo is not eligible for re-election and will give control to his successor on July 28.


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