Thursday, March 02, 2006

International Recognition for Peruvian produce permanent link   0 comments
some really positive facts about Peru and the quality of our produce, as seen and recognized in other countries.

check out this post on the RS Peru March 2006 blog

a couple of excerpts:

  • Peru has the best coffee in the world
  • The Spanish prefer the flavor of Peruvian asparagus
  • The French consider the Peruvian avocado unbeatable
  • The Chinese are anxious to sign an agreement that will allow the direct import of mangos
  • there is a big market for Peruvian grapes into the U.S and China
  • Peru has also entered the market for artichokes

And don't forget that we now have the best tenor in the world, Juan Diego Flores, who is the star of the Milan Opera House and has been compared to Pavarotti.


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