Wednesday, March 22, 2006

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"Mosquito on the wall" gives you a quick update on assembled headlines from Peru:

1) Elena Tasso, the 70 year old mother of presidential candidate Ollanta Humala, proposed the execution of homosexuals to eliminate - in her opinion - a serious moral problem.
"Yo les apuesto a ustedes que con dos violadores fusilados ya no habría más violaciones. Y con dos homosexuales que se fusilen ya no habría en la calle tanta inmoralidad", were her exact words which she didn't want recorded.
She centered her attacks at TV journalist Jaime Bayly, a declared bisexual: "That man is seeding immorality and he scatters it to the four winds. Then people think that this is normal ", she claimed.
"We have been preparing our children to take power since they were born," Elena Tasso has said of her eight progeny. "If the boys are not successful this time, then it will be the turn of the girls," she recently revealed. In fact two of her sons, Ollanta and Ulises, are standing as rivals in next month's presidential election and a third, Antauro, is running for congress. Faced with not one but two sons to support, the head of the family, father Isaac, backs Ulises.
But the father's real enthusiasm is for the eccentric philosophy of "Etnocacerismo".
This racist creed, which Isaac founded, calls on indigenous Americans, whom he calls "coppers", to take on the "whites", and their sidekicks the "blacks", and keep the "yellows" at a safe distance.
Ollanta meanwhile suggested to his parents and sibblings to keep quiet until election day. Ulises disagrees with his brother's attitude and thinks the declarations of their parents cannot harm him because his party's message is different. "I do not believe that this is hurting my chances. We will explain the difference and distance to my parents declarations during this electoral campaign ", he maintained.

2. Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, one of Latin America's leading novelists and essayists, believes that Ollanta Humala puts the democracy in danger.
"How is it possible that after ten years of shame with Fujimori and Montesinos, a third of the population nowadays loves to return to dictatorship, authoritarianism, a subjugated press, a manipulated Judicial Power, impunity and the upsetting of human rights", he said during an award ceremony last night.
"Humala proposes to us the return to authoritarianism, the lack of freedom and legality", following the models imposed by president Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and by the military government of general Juan Velasco. Vargas Llosa described Chávez disrespectfully as a "militarote" who has destroyed the Venezuelan democracy and has created a megalomaniac authoritarian system that tries to justify a supposedly bolivarian rhetoric".
"The alternative we are given on April 9th is not a single change of government, but a change of regime. What is at stake is the continuance of this perfectible democracy after a long process of recovery from corrupted dictatorships which are a despicable part in our history ", he referred.

3) Several ringleaders of the MRTA (Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement) were sentenced to long prison terms yesterday.
Víctor Polay Campos, head of the subversive group, received 32 years of imprisonment in a maximum security facility for the crimes of planning and executing violent assaults, hijackings, extorsion and murders between 1984 until 1992. Discounting his detention since his capture in 1992, Polay will be freed January 3rd, 2023.
Other leading members of the MRTA, Miguel Rincón Rincón, Lucero Cumpa Miranda, Peter Cárdenas Schulte and Alberto Gálvez Olaechea were condemned to 32, 28, 25 and 23 years respectively.
According to some specialists in terrorism, the sentence is fair, even though some people, especially military men, think that they should have been given a life sentence. Carlos Tapia, who is a well-known specialist in terrorism matters, says that MRTA was not as bloody as the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path), who are considered as genocidal.



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