Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New HIV drugs tested on Peruvians permanent link   2 comments
Great news! There's new hope for AIDS patients:

The problem: Condoms and counseling have not been enough to stop the spread of AIDS, and no vaccine is in sight.

New approach: Two drugs already used to treat HIV infection, tenofovir and FTC, show promise in monkey studies of also being able to prevent infection.

What's next: Human tests are being expanded in the United States and in Africa to see if this approach is safe and effective.

Scientists have long believed that a vaccine is the best way to stop the spread of AIDS, but efforts to invent one have miserably flopped.
Now they may have found something already on pharmacy shelves that seems to prevent infection.
It's a combination of two drugs that have shown such promise in early experiments in monkeys that officials just expanded tests of them in people around the world.
"This is the first thing I've seen at this point that I think really could have a prevention impact," said Thomas Folks, a federal scientist since the earliest days of AIDS. "If it works, it could be distributed quickly and could blunt the epidemic."
The National Institutes of Health is starting a Tenofovir study in 1,400 gay men in Peru. Private and government funders are considering others. Tenofovir also is being tested in microbicide gels that women could use vaginally to try to prevent catching HIV.

(story on CNN.com)

Although this topic requires the utmost seriousness and with all due respect to the men, women, and especially innocent children around the world infected by the HIV virus ... I couldn't help but thinking that Peru might not be the most qualified terrain for testing the new drugs, considering the recent threats by the Humala clan to shoot every homosexual in the streets to eliminate immorality.



At 3/30/2006 04:56:00 PM, Blogger MSchannon wrote...

Jesus, and I thought the U.S. was bad on homosexuals. I have to confess not being that familiar with this clan. How serious are they & do they have the ability to actually do it?

At 3/30/2006 06:04:00 PM, Blogger Inka-Wolfy wrote...

I see you haven't searched my blog for "Humala" :-))
no problemo, I'll keep it short:
Father Isaac wants to amnesty terrorists.
Mother Elena wants to kill all homosexuals.
Son Antauro spreads his messages to execute current president Toledo via phone from prison after a failed coup.
Son Ulises runs for president in the upcoming election, backed by his brother Antauro.
Son Ollanta, under investigation for human rights abuses in 1992, also runs for president, and is the current favorite in all surveys.

you tell me.


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