Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fujimori will be extradited soon! permanent link   0 comments
Former president Alberto Fujimori will be extradited from Chile to Lima in coming months to stand trial on corruption and human rights charges, Peru's justice minister said.
"I have the commitment and the will behind handing Fujimori over to Peruvian police, who will travel to Santiago to bring him in handcuffs, before the current administration ends so that he has his day in court," Alejandro Tudela told the official Andina news agency.
President Alejandro Toledo leaves office on July 28, by which time Tudela said Fujimori would be brought from Chile. He has been jailed there since November 7, when he arrived unannounced in Santiago, with the intention of launching a campaign in Peru for president in next Sunday's election.

click on the "Fujimori Dossier" button on top or here for more information

It is kind of strange that the local media has not jumped on this story yet. At least I haven't seen much of it.
Like I stated before.... let's hope he will get a fair trial and that "innocent until proven guilty before a court of law" will prevail.



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