Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Humala again incriminated of Human Rights Violations permanent link   0 comments
According to an exclusive report by the Peruvian magazine 'Caretas', a former army sergeant, whose identity is not revealed, has given testimony in front of the investigating public procecutor which directly implicates Ollanta Humala, a.k.a. Captain Carlos, and his alleged involvement in murders and disappearances.

translated excerpt from the article:
The district attorney of Tocache, Arturo Campos, is known for his meticulous and patient work. In the last weeks he has interrogated witnesses, reviewed documents and carried out excavations to determine the veracity of the denunciations of human rights violations against Ollanta Humala.
His work is not simple. He has received multiple leads, but the public prosecutor has decided to follow any track no matter how improbable they seem.
This past March 28th (two weeks before the first election round) a distant military man offered his testimony to him. He is a sergeant of the Army and assures to have toiled with Ollanta at the counter-subversive military base (BACs) in Madre Mia in 1992. The retired army subordinate, now 35 years old, related ferocious episodes that, according to him, compromises 'Captain Carlos' in murders and disappearances. A judicial source said that the military man tries to take refuge in the effective collaboration, which will be only granted if his testimony is properly verified.
He has requested that his identity is not being revealed. The sergeant alleges that he was stationed at Madre Mia's BACs between May and August of 1992. It is officially known that Ollanta was the head of that unit from January until the end of July of that year. He was later assigned to other bases of the Batallón Contrasubversivo (BCS) 313 in Huallaga, and returned to Madre Mia in November. By the end of January of 1993, he went to the Artillery school of the Army (EAE) in Lima, according to his service record.
In June 1992, according to the aspiring collaborator, his patrol catched 18 terrorists in the Alto Huamuco area. But back at Madre Mia, he alleges, Captain Carlos ordered to execute them and to bury them in common graves. Some of the episodes that he related are frankly unusual. The sergeant continued with another instance that happened by the end of May 1992. Four terrorists were catched during an ambush. They were armed. When asked where they obtained their weapons, they mentioned "madrederos" or wood dealers and, in an act of revenge, the retired military man Ollanta planned a massacre. According to his testimony, Captain Carlos had the 62 wood dealers murdered. Among them, he insists, were kids, women and elders. He related that Ollanta made them dig a great grave in an area of the small village La Morada. "Once they did, they killed them all and they buried them right there", he says.
see this free excerpt (pdf file) here
(you need a Caretas subscription to read the whole article)



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