Sunday, April 09, 2006

Humala's gauntlet to the voting booth permanent link   0 comments
Quick live update:

It sure isn't easy for a presidential candidate to represent the poor and underpriviledged and, at the same time, have his own private residence in a posh neighborhood in Lima, among the so-called elite, the very people he pledges to fight.

When Ollanta Humala and his wife started their short walk from their home to the polling station at the University Ricardo Palma in Surco this morning, the scene turned ugly. They had to walk the gauntlet of a few thousand people chanting "asesino, asesino", calling him "the assassin". The few people chanting the obligatory "Ollanta for president" were clearly outnumbered, they didn't stand a chance.
I have never seen anything like it. People are throwing plastic cups and other garbage at him and he is now trapped inside the University. Police squads in riot gear are trying to calm the crowd and to figure out a way for a save exit.

In stark contrast, unpopular current president Alejandro Toledo, who is not eligible for a second term, voted in the same neighborhood at the exact same time and there was hardly a single soul to accompany him. Basically no one gave a damn.

Almost Surreal. Stay tuned..



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