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Ollanta Humala - Quotes permanent link   2 comments
15. April, 2006:

- "I have never used the word admiration. I admire the life of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King." (when asked by Andres Oppenheimer if he's an admirer of Hugo Chavez)

- "It's a concept I use in a non-authoritarian and democratic sense. Nationalization doesn't mean state takeovers. It doesn't mean expropriations. Those are methodologies of the '70s. What I'm talking about is giving the state a larger role through tax collection, royalties, income taxes, even through an increase in state stock ownership, if the state is able to invest." (when asked about the meaning of his vow to "nationalize" the economy)

12. April, 2006:

- "Our position is firm. Peru is still on time of not committing this tremendous error." (on today's signing of the Free-Trade-Agreement betw. Peru and the USA by president Toledo)

11. April, 2006:

- "It is irrelevant. It is as if you asked me if I prefer that it rains or that it is sunny." (asked about his preference of either facing Garcia or Flores in the second electoral round)

- "We are the first force in the presidential election, in the National Congress and in the Andean Parliament. We won 3:0."

- "We are going to respect private property, we do not want traumatic shocks. I would say to them that they read our program and our proposals. I also assure that we will respect foreign investments and the freedom of expression".

- "If your mother says that you used diapers until you were 10 years old, how would you think of that? My family is not part of this project. My mother is my mother, I love her, but she is not part of the project. What can I do? All that is part of the dirty campaign. And you (the journalists) only ask me about that. If you want, I can present/display to you the other members of my family, I have many cousins. If my mother says that she is going to shoot extraterrestrials, that is not my problem, I do not share those ideas, don't accept any type of discrimination, not even on the part of my parents". (when asked about his opinion on statements made by his mother and brother Antauro to shoot homosexuals and execute current president Toledo)

4. April, 2006:

- "If Lourdes Flores wins the election, the same will happen to her as what happened with presidents of other Latin American countries; they were removed by the people. I believe it will be very difficult for Lourdes Flores to govern even one year.
The transformation of the country is inevitable with respect to democracy and liberty. If that does not happen, this country runs off the road. Can you imagine a government of Lourdes Flores? I believe that she doesn't last a year".

- "No candidate who represents continuity including Mr. Alan Garcia will stay a whole year if he does not attend to the social demands of the population. Anyway, we are not going to protest in the streets because we will win on the first round".

2. April, 2006:

- "I belong with those downstairs". (on ideology identification and rejecting being labeled as 'left wing')

- "I don’t believe in the right wing/left wing confrontation. That ended when the two empires (US and USSR) confrontation was over. What we have now in the world are 'globalizing' countries and 'globalized' countries."

- "The change will come through nationalism and this proposal is an invitation to the so-called 'left wing', to Peruvian businessmen and the right wing sectors which are suffocating with the neo-liberal model. We’re going to crack the current model. We want bosses and workers to have lunch together in the factories dining rooms."

- "They’ve launched a scare campaign against my group. It’s a classic fear campaign, but who really are scared are those who fear we’ll change the commodities exporting model which has only brought misery, poverty and exclusion to Peru."

- "We've been exploited for more than 500 years by the Spaniards and now by the multinationals, some of which don't even pay taxes or royalties. This has to change.
Our first step will be to sit down with all parties and try to reach agreements. Let's hope all this will work out. If not, we'll reconsider our next steps."

- "Soldiers are the sons of poor people, and I have worked with them for 24 years. That's why I have a bond with the people. I have lived in poor villages without water or electricity, and I was fine. I don't think other politicians know how to do that."

1. April, 2006:

- "We nationalists are going to found a new country. Who is afraid of change? Are the people afraid of change? No! Those who are afraid are the ones in power because they know if the nationalists get to power, Peru will change."

- "They are free to express ideas, but I reject them. My family is the people. The Humalas come second." (his response to statements made by family members, to shoot all homosexuals in the street to rid Peru of immorality (his mother), to amnesty 'Shining Path' terrorists (his father) and the demand to execute current president Toledo, his wife and followers (his brother), among other racist remarks.)

- "We will build an alternative model to this neo-liberal model. The neo-liberal economic model is finished, it hasn't been the country's economic needs. There's been growth, but no development."

- "I have not violated human rights. This is coming out in the context of Ollanta Humala being the No. 1 candidate nationally."

31 March, 2006:

- "The people are waiting for change, they are desperate. The division in this country is not right versus left, but the powerful business elite against the rest. We have to be aware of the people who don't have anything. Politicians have to realise the country is more than just Lima. "

- "We are not anti-United States, we are not anti-Chile, we are not anti-Bolivia. We are not anti."

- "We’re concerned with all the arms purchases of Chile, when I believe the priority for Latin America should be development, education, health."

- "We have a spurious constitution. I would propose a Constitutional Assembly to write a new constitution." (He denied he would change the law so he could seek a second term)

- "All miners will have to pay royalties. They must pay royalties to share the country's resources with the poor. Our motherland is not for sale."

- "I'm not homophobic. In the 21st century I don't think anyone should be discriminated against for such preferences or options, whatever word you want to use." (on homosexuality)

29. March, 2006

- "We can't sign a trade pact with the United States when we don't fully know what our government has agreed. It will ruin our farmers, our people. We're not against trade and integration, but we won't be walked all over either."

24. March, 2006

- "I have commanded soldiers. Now I want to command the people."

- "I want an army of nationalists inside the congress."

- "The past forms of nationalism historically arose as an evolution from monarchic states, based on people's exacerbation. Our nationalism is not imperialistic like the national socialism of that time, our nationalism is 'reivindicativo', we are reclaiming what is ours by right and restore public esteem." (when asked about the difference between Hitler's National Socialism (Nazis) and his nationalism)

- "We have the dictatorship of a minority. In Peru, democracy is poverty. We want a democracy of the people. We will overcome fear to arrive at the palace…Peru is above these traditional politicians."

-"They say I am 'anti-system'. Yes, I am against the current system of corruption, unemployment, hopelessness. If that is the system, not only am I anti-system, I am a rebel. The minority wants to defend their jewelry, their estates. Fear is the last barrier that the elite erect to protect themselves."

- "I want to arrive in power without owing anything to anyone."

- "How much do you teachers earn? 800 Soles?(=$250) How can we accept and trust elites who earn 10,000 dollars?"

- "We're going to change the rules for the rich and redistribute wealth. The young will inherit a country that has been looted."

21. March, 2006

- "The case is closed. - I say that there is a dirty, filthy war. I have seen that politics is a sewer." (on accusations of human rights abuse in 1992)

16. March, 2006

- "All Peruvians agree that we need to look for an alternative to neo-liberalism, which has destroyed the nucleus of society— the family."

16. March, 2006

- "The continent is reforming around a new agenda. We're going to forge nationalist Latin American policies, regional policies in blocs to fight poverty, debt and spur industrialization."

- "Hugo Chavez is a friend, not my mentor. One has to respect the model of each country. Peru is a different reality, we can't apply the Venezuelan model, but we can learn from others' experiences. We have a common energy agenda."

29 Nov. 2005

- "It is not the moment for preparing a government plan because we are still working on the elaboration of a project. The important thing now is for the party to become formal and accepted by the Jurado Nacional de Elecciones (National Jury of Elections)"

-> any additions to this list - provided by reliable sources - are welcome!



At 4/08/2006 01:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous wrote...

My god! And this man wants to be the president of a democratic nation!

God bless us.


At 4/08/2006 05:47:00 PM, Blogger Inka-Wolfy wrote...

yes Fabiola,
there's some scary stuff in there.
Actually, the scariest is the stuff he hasn't yet said or revealed...


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