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update (10:00pm local time):

after 80,68%of votes are counted:

Humala: 30.24%
Garcia: 24,93%
Flores: 24,03%

PS: As of now, the Fujimoristas a.k.a. 'Alianza para el Futuro' has won around 15 seats out of the 120 seats in the next congressioinal parliament. The party is certain to become the fourth-largest party in the next legislature.
The daughter and brother of Alberto Fujimori followed the disgraced former president into Peruvian politics.
His daughter, Keiko Fujimori, 30, and his brother Santiago have both secured a seat in what will be a divided Congress according to the latest results. Keiko has gained support from 23 percent of eligible voters in the Lima constituency, easily topping the 7 percent for the runner-up candidate, according to a pre-election poll.

Analysts say the pro-Fujimori party apparently gained ground thanks to appeals to voters by Keiko, who is popular among Peruvian people, and Fujimori's wife Satomi Kataoka, who drew attention for marrying the former president last Thursday.

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update (5:00pm local time):

after 75.64%of votes are counted:

Humala: 29.65%
Garcia: 24.95%
Flores: 24.69%

update (3:00pm local time):
Alan Garcia is now in 2nd place by a slim margin. The latest results by ONPE, after 73.587% of the valid votes:

Humala: 29.53%
Garcia: 24.98%
Flores: 24.89%

PS: The official results web site by ONPE is still not working. Also, Lloyd Axworthy, chief de mision of the OAS delegation observing the election, presented his closing report on the electoral process at a press conference this afternoon. He informed that the elections were held in a clean way and is transparent, despite incidents registered at national level and candidates violating the propagandistic silence period.

update (12:26pm local time):

The race for second place is a 'dead heat' and only getting tighter. The latest results by ONPE, after 70.8% of the votes have been counted:

Humala: 29.19%
Flores: 25.29%
Garcia: 24.98%

PS: The official results web site by ONPE has been flooded with requests all morning and their server is having trouble keeping up, but seems to be improving now.

(8:36 am local time)

The National Office of Procesos Electorales (ONPE) updated the latest official projections of the presidential elections this morning. After counting 67,29% of the votes, the uncertainty increased as to what candidate will accompany Ollanta Humala into the second round, a runoff between the two leading vote getters, which will be scheduled after the official voting results are published; in all probability at the end of May/ early June.
The difference between Lourdes Flores (25.78%) and Alan Garcia (25.07%) is a miniscule 0,71%. Ollanta Humala on the other hand gained 28,70% of the votes as of this moment.
Martha Chavez, representing the Fujimoristas, has 6.42%, ex-interim president, Valentin Paniagua, 6.17% and evangelical theologist, Humberto Lay, 4,33%.
Humala, as expected, gained most of his votes in the rural Andean mountain regions. For example in Cusco, the ancient Incan capital, he reached approx. 65%.

First reactions by all three leading candidates were marked by gratefulness and optimism.
"We wait for the results of the ONPE with absolute serenity. The differences are too marginal. I am very confident to reach the second round", Alain Garcia told the crowd in front of the APRA headquarters.

Lourdes Flores was also very optimistic: "All the surveys and first preliminary results that have been made public as of this late, as well as the official projections, make us very optimistic, but we will wait calmly and with hope for the official results of the ONPE which, I am sure, will arrive in a few hours".
She expressed that Peru needs a miracle, today more than ever, and that all Peruvians will be able to wait for the hand that creates unification among the people. "I tell you, since I have done it throughout this campaign, our fight will be against the great enemy of Peru that is poverty and exclusion and we will defeat them together by going to the second round. That is my promise and as a woman I commit myself to fulfill it".

Ollanta Humala and his wife Nadine Heredia thanked supporters from his balcony in Surco. "Thanks, thank you very much for your confidence in me. The Peruvian people expressed its will for change, and we can now celebrate the great transformation of the country and an economy which will service the people. We did a great job, and I am thankful for that reason, a job that was done in a heroic way, with low resources. Many desire to construct a future for our children".
In contrast to his speech at noon, where he denounced a series of irregularities, he requested calm waters and to refrain from hatred and resentments. "We cannot yield to those provocations created by violent agitators. We need to construct peace and reconciliation. I do not want to create hatred towards those who do not think like us. I ask the same from the people who have differences with us not to hate us. I believe in democracy, I believe in institutions. I want peace and tranquillity", he affirmed slightly moved.
His wife extended their gratitude towards the mothers and young people who collaborated throughout the campaign. "We knew that each Peruvian heart beats with a feeling of nationalism. I want to be thankful, first of all, to the heroic mothers who have fought with us and to the nationalistic young people who, with low resources, mobilized everything possible. In the name of my family and my daughters, thank you so very much", she added.
Side note: After constantly critizing the neo-liberal economic model and free trade and being adamant in decreasing imports of foreign products and promoting peruvian manufacture instead, I thought it was funny that his wife was wearing a red 'Puma' t-shirt all day.

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At 4/10/2006 10:31:00 PM, Blogger LAV wrote...

I would love to meet you in Lima. I'll be travelling with one of my girl friends, a fellow math major from whitman, and it would be nice to feel like we have a friend in lima when we get there. We're flying into lima may 24 & will probably stay there for 4-5 days before heading off to other parts of the country.

At 4/11/2006 12:22:00 AM, Blogger Maria wrote...

What is going on here??!!

My family and I have been a nervous wreck! How are the poeple taking the news?

.. all that is left is hope.


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