Friday, April 14, 2006

Peru Election: The Easter Bunny Break permanent link   0 comments
Latest results as of 4.30pm, Saturday, 89.14 % of valid votes:

Ollanta Humala: 30.94%
Alan Garcia: 24.40%
Lourdes Flores: 23.44%

ONPE's emitted results of votes to the Congress in Lima, after 49,83% of votes counted:

Unidad Nacional (Flores' party) heads the list with 419.030 votes, followed by 'Alianza por el futuro' (Fujimoristas) with 410.376 and the APRA (Garcia's party) with 359.658 in third.

So far, Keiko Sofía Fujimori received
331.457 votes in Lima.

Happy Easter everyone!

As I mentioned yesterday, the presidential election process headed back to the dugout for a few days and the Easter bunny is getting some at-bats as a pinch-hitter. This weekend peruvians are headed for the church instead of polling stations.

My amigo Max Cameron is using the break to write up a good analysis on the composition of the next Peruvian Congress. His focus is on the increased influence of the Fujimoristas, who this year ran under the official name "Alliance For The Future" and their main goal: a comeback of Alberto Fujimori.

Peru's New Congress and Alliance Politics

Also, Hal Weitzman, who writes for the Financial Times, created a great essay about current life and people's dreams in Lima's outskirts and shantytowns...

In Peru, children of rich and poor dream of leaving



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