Sunday, April 16, 2006

Peru Election: From Darts To Flowers permanent link   0 comments
Latest results as of 9.00am, Sunday, 89.48 % of counted votes:

Ollanta Humala: 30.90%
Alan Garcia: 24.38%
Lourdes Flores: 23.53%

It was only until a couple of days ago when Alan Garcia and his APRA party and Lourdes Flores' Unidad Nacional were throwing darts at each other. Now, with the margin between the two getting even thinner, and the common goal of preventing Ollanta Humala's rise to power and the preservation of democracy, they exchanged the darts with flowers.
Representatives of both groupings are rebuilding burnt bridges with the purpose of finding the formula for a democratic agreement and common agenda that will follow the next president, whether it is Alan Garcia or Lourdes Flores Nano.
APRA general secretary Jorge del Castillo and the vice president of PPC, one of Flores' closest advisors, Raúl Castro, both point out on what is at stake for the second electoral round; democracy as opposed to authoritarianism, and for that reason they will look for an approach of democratic sectors.
One basis for common ground is obviously the challenging task of creating new jobs, mainly for young people. Previously, both parties have heavily critized each other for their respective labor programs to fight unemployment, lack of education and proposals for an integral health insurance coverage.

more of this ElComercio article here (in Spanish).



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