Sunday, April 09, 2006

Peru Election: Official Results (45% of all votes) permanent link   2 comments
Unofficial projection released by ONPE at 11:00 PM local time, after approx. 45% of the votes have been counted nationwide:

Ollanta Humala: 27.32%
Lourdes Flores: 26.45%
Alan Garcia : 26.05%

Apoyo still predicts a 30/25/25 percentage for Humala, Flores and Garcia respectively.

The results show how polarized the people of Peru really are. Basically we have a three-way tie at this point. Results from voters abroad basically reflect the same.
Supporters at campaign headquarters of all three leading candidates are celebrating, the mood is festive.
Contrary to other democratic countries where the candidate with the most votes wins no matter what, here it feels more like participating in a sports tournament where the best two teams have reached the final. The quality of play, the way how they got there doesn't seem to matter. It's more like "hey, we're in the final, from now on all bets are off", something like that. Ollanta won the first semi-final, so it seems. The other semi-final is headed for overtime and, possibly, penalty kicks.

We're in for a long night.



At 4/09/2006 11:10:00 PM, Blogger LAV wrote...

pensé que Wikipedia dijo que el runoff estuviere el 7 de Mayo.

¡Estaré en Perú durante la elección!

The PNW is glowing with springtime, the wheatfields are green here in Walla Walla, the cherry trees are blossoming in my hometown, Wenatchee (apple trees will be blossoming soon), and it's, well, raining in seattle.

At 4/10/2006 10:54:00 AM, Blogger Inka-Wolfy wrote...

Wikipedia is not correct on this matter. May 7th is a possiblity for the run-off, however the actual date will be scheduled after the official results are in. This may take a while since Flores and Garcia are going neck on neck.

If you are coming to Lima next month, perhaps my wife and I can meet you for a cup of coffee, if you like. And some peruvian apple pie :-)


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