Thursday, April 13, 2006

Peru Election: Regional Results permanent link   0 comments
(Source: La Republica, click on pic to enlarge)
The picture shows the current results by peruvian regions of last Sunday's election.

Three days after the elections, and with 87.836% of counted votes (according to the last update of the ONPE, as conducted yesterday, 3pm), the political map of Peru is defined.
Ollanta Humala and the UPP amassed 30.99% nationwide and won in 18 of 25 peruvian regions which covers 72% of national territory. The rest is APRA (Alan Garcia) territory (6 regions), and in the department of Lima Lourdes Flores and the UN gained the most votes.
Humala surpassed the 50% barrier in the regions of Apurímac (57,362%), Ayacucho (62,602%), Cusco (57,025%) and Huancavelica (59,257%).
Alan Garcia and APRA, traditionally strong in Northern Peru, won the regions of La Libertad (54,034% ... pls. disregard the obvious error on the map ), Lambayeque (37,204%), Ancash (31,868%) and Piura (32,640%). He surprised in Ica (34,864%) and won in Callao (30,783%) by less that 1% of the votes.
Flores not winning Callao, considered a Lima suburb, is the actual surprise of this election, in my opinion, and has to be a major disappointment for her.

With this data on hand Alan Garcia's hypothesis, that his percentage will increase with the ongoing count of rural votes, seems manifested, because in three of the provinces that form the bastion of APRA; Lambayeque, Ancash and Piura, the count of votes has not yet reached 100%.



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