Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Peru Election: You are with us or against us permanent link   3 comments
Latest results as of 7.00am, Thursday, 92.31% of counted votes:

Ollanta Humala: 30.79%
Alan Garcia: 24.31%
Lourdes Flores: 23.67%

It seems that Flores' late surge came to a halt. Garcia widened his gap again to 73,403 votes (0,63%).


"you are either with us or against us." Sounds familiar? Who says Ollanta Humala is anti-American, to the contrary. He even adopts one of Bush's main political strategies although used for a different purpose.
Humala stressed again this morning that his party is not looking for any "political marriage" for the second electoral round and instead offered a dialogue with those who "want to be added" to his nationalistic project.
"We, the UPP, are not looking for any political marriage. That was exactly the mistake of president Alejandro Toledo in 2001, marrying the 'Frente Independiente Moralizador (FIM) party of Fernando Oliveira, and we all saw the consequences. The peruvian people punished them and both parties have disappeared politically", he emphasized with a local radio station.
"El Comandante" also replied to those criticizing him for spending the Easter holidays with his family at a luxurious resort on the outskirts of Lima. He clarified that the expenses were paid by him alone, through his regular income as a retired commander of the Army.
"We do not see everything in black and white, we don't polarize. Perhaps the poor men cannot go to a relaxation place, but we are not looking for a seperation of rich and poor", he asserted.
According to the local newspaper who obtained a copy of his hotel bill, the cost per day of lodging in the relaxation complex where between 200 and 400 dollars.

read this analysis "Peru's Populist Gamble" by Mark Engler, The Nation.



At 4/19/2006 12:52:00 PM, Anonymous Victor wrote...

Wolfy what happened to the statement supposedly made by Nadine Heredia? You yanked it? Also Humala did not specifically make the statement you use as the title for this blog. Furthermore, his statements against polarization also is inconsistent with the title of the blog. Lastly Europes Jews were not the only ones to suffer a holocaust. To that list may be added the romani, and the mass of the amerindian population of the western hemisphere.

Either way I like your anti Humala Spin Doctoring.

Why don't you add the nice littel quote from Lourdes Flores Nano, regarding her decision not to work with any member of Humala's political party if she were to miraculously make it to the second round and win in that round. It seems like her statement may also be interpreted as polarizing.

Furthermore it smacks of figuratively giving a finger to the electorate in the south and south central departments of the country that voted for Humala and his party. I don't think there is anything democratic about that statment.

What do you think wolfy?

At 4/19/2006 01:39:00 PM, Blogger Inka-Wolfy wrote...


1) I did not yank Nadine's quote, just scroll down a little on the main page.
2) the post title is my own choosing, because this is my interpretation of his categorical refusal towards ANY kind of alliance and sending verbal welcome hugs to those who want to jump on his bandwagon. That doesn't leave much room for a middle ground or compromise IMO, in fact his whole campaign is based on the "we" and "they" ideology, isn't it? Therefore the title. You may of course disagree with me and think otherwise.
3) what Lourdes quote are you referring to? We both know that UN and UPP will never work together...
4) what 'smacks' and is undemocratic? My post or Lourdes quote?


At 4/19/2006 09:46:00 PM, Blogger Inka-Wolfy wrote...

regarding your Holocaust comment. Pls read my reply in the appropriate post.


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