Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Peruvian Produce inceasingly popular in Germany permanent link   0 comments
My mother in Germany always tells me how much she likes Peruvian asparagus. Spring time in Germany means that the asparagus obsession reaches its peak.
A report by the Dutch "" informes us that exports of produce from Peru to Germany have increased by 7%, compared to 2004. The exports increased from $27,24 mil. to $29,04 mil., according to the Peruvian embassy in Berlin.
Quite striking is the increase of exports of fresh tropical fruits, which have increased with $6,47 mil. in 2004 to $10,05 mil. in 2005. Peru is the third leading supplier of fresh mango in Germany.
Also the exports of bananas to Germany has increased strongly. The export value of $6,24 mil. signifies an increase of 200%. Meanwhile the avocado exports have developed to the point where Peru is the fifth biggest supplier in Germany. In spite of a decrease in the German demand for asparagus, Peru realized an export increase of 16% to 1500 MT and 6,7 mil.

Gotta love that.

Now if only the bureaucracy in Peru and the astronomical shipping costs from Incaland would decrease to a world wide standard, even I would consider investing in an export business of some sort or start thinking about my own eBay shop. Have you ever tried to send one CD to the US or Europe? With UPS or DHL perhaps? You are in for a BIG surprise!



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