Friday, April 07, 2006

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After watching the final, pompous campaign rallies of Garcia, Flores and Paniagua live on TV last night -Humala's was the night before -, I woke up this morning to a sunny, warm and very quiet Friday morning. It seems like the Easter holidays have arrived early. No more snail-pacing VW Beetle convertibles with blaring loudspeakers promoting the various presidential and congressional candidates. Even the radio- and TV stations are broadcasting in a rather exhausted, somber mood and have shifted their focus and attention more to the outside world which obviously didn't stand still during the last months.
By peruvian electoral law, the sale of alcohol and carrying weapons is strictly prohibited since midnight until midday on Monday. Voter surveys can no longer be conducted. On Election Sunday politcal gatherings within a hundred meters (110 yards) of a polling station are not allowed.

Somehow it feels like being in the eye of a hurricane, the only difference is it will last 3 days and there will be no rain. Not sure how the aftermath will look though.

Time to forget about politcs, turn off the TV, stay away from newspapers and Google search and enjoy a little solitude for 2 days. Finally I will have some time to burn those two mp3-CDs for my brother's 50th birthday. I hope they will arrive in Germany in time, only 2 weeks left ...



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