Monday, May 08, 2006

Garcia holds comfortable lead, Apoyo poll shows permanent link   0 comments
click to enlargeIf the more than 16 million Peruvian voters had to go to the ballot boxes today, APRA party candidate Alan Garcia Perez would prevail with 57% of the valid votes compared to 43% by his rival Ollanta Humala.

In the first Apoyo survey published today and conducted between May 3-5, four weeks before the runoff, Garcia holds a comfortable lead. Apoyo made also the most accurate prediction for the first round.
The survey showed a strong support for Garcia in Peru’s capital Lima (49%) wheras Humala only holds 27%. Limean voters are crucial, since most of them voted for Lourdes Flores in the first round.
The survey also revealed that 61% of the peruvian population have a negative image of Hugo Chavez, his expressions of endorsement for Humala seem to be counter-productive.



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