Friday, May 05, 2006

Peru Election: Second Run-off Survey permanent link   4 comments

May 6, 2006: (Update)

Tyler Bridges wrote an interesting article in the Miami Heald last Thursday, analyzing why Alan Garcia is such a skipjack.

Ex-president earns shot at redemption in Peru


May 5, 2006

Alan Garcia widened his lead against Ollanta Humala ahead of a June 4 presidential runoff race, according to a poll by Datum published today.
The survey of 1,118 people, conducted between April 29 and May 1, showed Garcia with 56% support compared with 44% for Humala. A previous poll by Datum 10 days earlier gave Garcia 54 percent, with 46 percent for Humala.
It seems that the latest headlining news from Bolivia's naturalization of oil- and natural gas recources - a measure that Humala is planning to do as well, although with a different approach - and the latest verbal tug-of-war between Humala's "mentor", Hugo Chavez, Alan Garcia and President Alejandro Toledo, have an overall negative effect on Humala's campaign.

When asked about the two contestants major strengths, 26% said that Humala doesn't have any and 18% acknowledged Garcia's verbal skills and forms of expression. Humala's major weakness seems to be the perception of being too violent and aggressive (15%), Garcia's image takes a major hit from his previous presidential performance (1985-1990). 32% believe this to be his major weakness and 16% think he's a liar.

45% perceived Humala's campaign as too aggressive, contrary to Garcia's campaign which is considered by 58% as creative, ingenious and witty.
39% said that they liked 'none' of Humala's proposals and plans for government, wheras Garcia received the same answer from 25%. Not a good outlook for both and it gives us another example for Garcia's titulation of being "the lesser evil" of the two.

(chart provided by El Comercio, click on pic to enlarge)




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At 5/07/2006 08:03:00 PM, Anonymous La Ventanita wrote...

Sad that people who know Garcia's history, have to actually root for Peruvians to elect him.

I still can't get over it.


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